Hotel del Sole Resort is located in a wonderful nook of Apulian coast, almost close by Gargano, in Margherita di Savoia.

There are 2 big and refined banqueting rooms. The first one, called “Elios”, is located on the ground flloor , allows an easy access to the beach and can contain until 180 guests.
The other one, “Nereide”, of very recent conception, is on the upper floor, with external access ,an amazing panoramic view and can contain until 200 guests.

Comfort, view, accuracy fot detalis, highly fine cookery which weds tradition and innovation, accurate service allow to Hotel del Sole Resort to become the ideal place for the unrolling of all kinds of events.

Passion leads to the pursuit of perfection , the persevering bringing up to date the professionalism of staff gives the chance to personalize each event.

The location, with its unquestionable glamour, conveys all its mysterious charm during night banquetings where the moon looks at itself in the mirror in a very clear water and the glittering of lights and shadows contribute to increase the charm of the place.

Hotel del Sole Resort: emotions’ artisans.